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As a surgeon, your first instinct is to cut.

I am used to going out at 3am and doing something stupid.

Aerisyka Vandekamp

Hi, I’m a coyote. I draw stuff, I write stuff, I’m a little long-winded and I have a strange sense of humor. I’m pretty laid back, but I don’t care much for closed-minded or overtly judgmental people. I believe very strongly in animal welfare. I’m endlessly fascinated with things both medical and paranormal. I like videogames, collecting toys, and playing outside. Addison Montgomery and Erica Hahn are my heroes.

I love rats! They are my favorite creatures in the entire world, and I will gladly talk about them for hours to anyone who’s willing to listen. And, well, anyone who isn’t.

I'm a little bit obsessive, and enjoy ranting about the things I like. These include, but are not limited to:

♥ Grey’s Anatomy
♥ Watchmen
♥ Desperate Housewives
♥ Pokemon
♥ Dead Like Me
♥ Private Practice
♥ The X-Files

New friends are always welcome! I don’t bite too hard.

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Rats are love.

Salem Annabeth Vandekamp, 10/10/04-06/28/06
Riley Georgia Vandekamp, 04/14/06-09/22/08
Eva Gillian Vandekamp, 04/14/06-04/22/09
Isobel Taylor Vandekamp, 08/31/08-05/21/10
Meredith Charlotte Vandekamp, 08/01/08-10/30/10