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As a surgeon, your first instinct is to cut.
I am used to going out at 3am and doing something stupid.
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September 2006
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Aerisyka Vandekamp
Date: 2006-09-27 20:33
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public

I'm not too picky, and if you friend me, chances are pretty good I'll friend back. Please do comment, though, otherwise I may not notice for a while!
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Aerisyka Vandekamp
Date: 2006-09-19 02:49
Subject: Trading post.
Security: Public
This is my trading page for Seattle Grace TCG. I've never done an internet TCG before, so I'm sticking to a site format I'm familiar with for the time being. Properly public'd and backdated for outsider viewing purposes.


Member Card




Trading Log

06-21 - Starter Pack - twisty01, twisty15, twisty18, dreamy06, khwatts10, losingthewar09, pdew04, sydney03

06-22 - Scramble! (Round 4) - hahn15, $20
Memory - enough19, one special card voucher
Easy Puzzle - enough12, hahn14
Who Said That? (Round 4) - miracle03
Hangman - hahn16, ohohseven02
Hangman - losingthewar12, interns06
Hangman - hahn18, raindrops14
Sidebar Freebies - losingthewar07, iamatree16
New Decks - myperson02, myperson08, merder08, merder19, mixer05
Memory - twisty19, one special card voucher
Hangman - addison11, raindrops03
Hangman - model10, iamatree04
Find The Sparkle Pager - seattle07, $50
Stat! - twisty09, $50
Missing Skeleton - scrubcaps07, $50
Hangman - timehascome19, losecontrol18
Card Puzzle (Round 1) - lexie11, nevercomes12, $5, $20
Blurry Vision - harddaysnight19
Random Freebie - iamatree11
Seattle Grace Crossword - callie04, harddaysnight13
Guess The Scene - nevercomes01, harddaysnight20
Missing Letters - addison09, hahn10
Slots - twisty20, nevercomes06, hahn13
Member Card Submission - patrick14

06-24 - Hangman - paris10, patrick15
Guess The Number - timehascome13

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Aerisyka Vandekamp
Date: 2006-09-10 23:11
Subject: Memento Mori
Security: Public
For the first time, I feel time like a heart beat. The seconds pumping in my breast like a reckoning. The numerous mysteries, that once seemed so distant and unreal, threatening clarity in the presence of a truth entertained not in youth, but only in its passage. I feel these words as if their meaning were weight lifted from me knowing that you will read them and share my burden as I have come to trust no other. That you should know my heart, look into it, finding there the memory and experience that belong to you, that are you, is a comfort to me now as I feel the tethers loose and the prospects darken for the continuance of a journey that began not so long ago. And which began again with a faith shaken and strengthened by your convictions. If not for which I might never have been so strong now as I cross to face you and look at you, incomplete, hoping that you will forgive me for not making the rest of the journey with you.
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